The Counselling Agreement

Before our sessions can begin, the client is required to fill and sign an informed consent form, which details the agreement between therapist and client. Some of the areas covered are:

Cancellations and Missed Appointments

If you wish to cancel a booked appointment you must do so more than 24hrs before the appointment time. If cancellation occurs after this I will consider the appointment missed and and retain the cost of the session. If you are more than 15 mins late without informing me then the session is considered missed.

Technical Problems

Yes, technology can sometimes let us down and I understand that there can be difficulties when the internet connection fails or lags to the extent that it becomes impossible to continue. If such technological problems occur, the therapist and the client agree to contact the other by SMS or phone call, to make this known as soon as possible. If this is adhered to, and the problems cannot be fixed within 10 minutes, then free rescheduling of the session will be granted.

The Relationship

It should be agreed that the relationship between client and therapist should be kept within the confines of the sessions and there should be no interaction socially outside this arena. This is for the benefit of both parties and maintains both confidentiality and ethical practice.

Conditions of Conduct

The client must agree not to attend any sessions under the influence of drugs or alcohol and to attend each session in appropriate attire.

If I believe any of these conditions are breached I will terminate the session and retain the fee.

Download the Counselling Agreement, Confidentiality and Consent Form by clicking the link below:

Counselling Agreement, Confidentiality and Consent Form