Bereavement Counselling in Surrey

Bereavement Counselling Services in Surrey by Kevin Rymill

Losing someone or something dear to us is very painful. Grieving is the natural process we go through to come to terms with that loss. I can help you through the stages of grieving so you can feel more able to cope with your loss.

These are some of the Issues of Bereavement and Loss I work with:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Loss of health or personal injury
  • Pregnancy loss, Miscarriage, Abortion and IVF attempts
  • End of a Relationship
  • Children Moving Away
  • Pet loss
  • Redundancy/demotion
  • Moving country or out of familiar surroundings

What is Bereavement?

It is normal to feel sadness and even anger or guilt, as we have lost someone or something close to us. The natural grief stages include fear, loneliness, sadness, denial, anger and letting go. While painful, this natural process enables us to come to terms with the loss. Each person is unique and may experience some or all of these stages as they go through the grieving process.

Many people find it hard to deal with grief and can get stuck in a number of the feelings or ways of behaving. It can be difficult to see a way out at times like this.

Symptoms such as sleeplessness, low mood, irritability, loss of motivation, social withdrawal, changes in appetite and physical pains may occur. It is quite normal for bereaved people to feel a presence of the person they lost or to see, hear or smell them at times. This varies depending on your beliefs, culture and upbringing. Each person experiences grief in their own individual way. Although grieving is a natural process it can develop into depression if you get stuck in a feeling or if your symptoms are disabling and severe. When grief is prolonged it is difficult to see a way forward.

Can Bereavement Counselling help you?

Bereavement Counselling can help you through the grieving process. Many people find it helpful to talk about their grief and loss in a confidential, safe space. It is different from talking to family or friends who may be involved in the loss themselves or may have their own understanding of the situation. I provide the safe, confidential support you need to process your painful emotions, at a pace you feel comfortable with.

My bereavement and loss counselling service in Surrey can help you:

  • Understand your grief and what it means to you
  • Discover ways to cope with your feelings
  • Help you work through any confusing pain, anger or feelings of guilt
  • Help resolve areas of conflict still remaining as you are dealing with grief
  • When you are ready, learn how you let go and move on with your life whilst maintaining a respect for your loved one
  • Discover how to re-adjust to your new life with all its changes

If you would like help with bereavement counselling in Surrey, I can provide you with a quality, confidential service. I work in Ottershaw, Surrey which is within easy reach of the M25/A3 and close to Weybridge and Woking.

The initial consultation is free and you are under no obligation to carry on with the counselling should you decide that it isn’t for you.

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Practice Location

Located in Ottershaw, Surrey, my practice is situated near to the M25, Woking and Weybridge, and is easily accessible to those in the surrounding areas.