Marriage Counselling in Surrey

Marriage Counselling Service in Surrey by Kevin Rymill

Marriage is a huge commitment so when the relationship begins to break down it can be devastating. My integrative psychotherapy service offers sensitive and collaborative marriage counselling in Surrey.

Marriage Problems

The stresses and strains of everyday life, health and money issues can cause a marriage to begin to crumble. It can be easy to sweep problems under the carpet and pretend that everything is okay for a while even when you know that it isn’t. Sometimes it is difficult to remember how and when things started to get so bad. Feelings of frustration and aloneness can lead on to anger, fear, or sadness.There are many reasons why marriages suffer. You may have tried various ways to improve things over the months or years. One way forward is to try marriage counselling.

The following signs indicate that you’re experiencing relationship or marital troubles and could benefit from marriage counselling:

  • A breakdown in communication.
  • Unexplained anger and/or a feeling of depression.
  • Feeling alone in the relationship
  • Intimacy or sex is lacking or difficult.
  • There is a lack of trust or no trust at all.

Is Counselling for You?

A way forward is to increase your awareness of how you feel and exploring what has gone wrong in a safe and sensitive environment. You can’ t start to put things right unless you increase an understanding of eachother. This understanding, and finding new ways to communicate in Marriage counselling has proven to be extremely effective.

I like to see each person from a couple for one individual session prior to seeing you together. That is because each individual often has a different view of what has gone wrong and different expectations of the marriage. These Individual appointments are confidential. A skilled counsellor with extensive experience in Integrative Psychotherapy, such as myself, can help you to reconnect with your partner whilst building a deeper, more meaningful relationship.

When should you consider marriage counselling?

  • Your arguments never seem to end.
  • There is a betrayal of trust; debt issues, secrets or an affair.
  • There could be abuse, loneliness, fear or anger.
  • One or both of you are considering separation or divorce.
  • One or both of you want to feel happier in the relationship.
  • When you want to try talking about your issues  to rebuild trust and create a much stronger relationship.


What you can expect from me?

I pay very close attention to what is really going on in your relationship and you can expect experience, training and intuition.

In addition to dealing with what has been going on and resolving any outstanding issues in your relationship my focuss is on how to increase your undestanding of eachother.

Here are some of the tools I would want couples to achieve:

  • Learn to communicate with your partner so they are able to hear you and meet some of your needs.
  • Listen to your partner so you really understand them.
  • Acknowledge and deal with any blocks to listening.
  • Learn to resolve your conflicts without me being there.
  • To know what you want from eachother and work out how you will achieve this as a couple.

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