Counselling Weybridge

If you are looking for a professional counsellor near to Weybridge then I can be of help.

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming. Difficulties such as loss, anxiety and trauma can lead us to wonder why we are not enjoying our usual activities or being around others. These feelings can lead to stress, a loss of self worth and depression . I offer a comprehensive counselling and integrative psychotherapy service near Weybridge, and I am here to help you feel more in control of your life.

At times it can be hard to see a way out of negative feelings and wonder if you will ever feel well again. If you feel that you have a particular problem or just have a vague idea that something is wrong and you just want to speak to me about what is going on in your life you can contact me in strict confidence. I offer a specialist counselling and integrative psychotherapy service, all aimed at providing you with the assistance you need to lead a more fulfilled life.

As a fully qualified and accredited integrative psychotherapist I will listen to you as an individual and help you move forward to live the life that you want with the most effective therapy today.

Please browse my site to see what I do and who I am. My practice in Ottershaw is within easy reach of Weybridge and located down a private road with off street parking.

The first half hour of an initial session is free to give you time to decide if counselling Weybridge is right for you with no obligation to continue. Contact me at or 01932 702662